7 Rules of Interior Design You Must Know, from Natalie Fogelstrom, West London interior designer

Creating a smashing interior takes more than just wit and instinct, you’ll need to follow certain rules to satisfy both the aesthetic and functionality of a space. 

Although there’s no such thing as a perfect formula in creating a faultless design, interior design rules are established to help enhance a space that can meet the needs of its end-users.

Sprucing up your home or place of business can be an exciting endeavour, where you’ve probably spent hours googling through dozens of gorgeous interiors online. But, before embarking on your project, our interior design team, Koja Design brought to you interior design rules you must know: 

1. Follows Function

Start the design process with functionality. This means the elements in your design should be primarily related to the space’s intended purpose.

2. Design with the Site in Mind 

Interior designing with the site and climate conditions in mind is probably a rule that’s frequently overlooked. But considering these factors is essential when choosing an arrangement, colour, furniture, and even your embellishments. Conditions such as orientation, ambient sound, humidity, and adjacent rooms or buildings should be taken to account. 

If you live near a busy street, for instance, you can dampen the noise with blackout curtains that can lessen the ambient noise. There are also sound-absorbing draperies in the market which usually comes with a pleated structure. 

3. Know the 2:3 Rule 

Scale and proportion are fundamentals that are applied not only to interior design but to all visual arts as well. 

Otherwise known as the golden ratio, the 2:3 rule is used to create a more naturally pleasing aesthetic and a guide when choosing the sizes of your furniture. 

Start from the largest elements and work your way through from there. For example, when choosing your sofa, it should measure 2:3 of the area. So as with the centre table which should be sized at 2:3 against the sofa furniture, and so on. 

4. Layer Lighting 

Bad lighting can be detrimental to an interior, damaging even the most balanced and proportioned of spaces. Instead, let light both natural and artificial to enhance your interior space. 

When you are able to determine your light sources with their qualities and intensities, you’ll have a better picture of their placement and positioning into your interior design. 

5. Know the 60-30-10 Rule 

Colour is a powerful element in the design, as it can affect the look and feel of your interior. To create colour harmony among your elements, use the 60-30-10 rule. It is where 60% should be the dominant colour, 30% will be your secondary colour, and lastly, 10% goes to your accent colours.  

6. Harmonize with the Existing Architecture 

One of the best rules to follow, which can save you a lot of time and money, in the long run, is by designing the space aligned with the existing architecture.

When you have a great room with high ceilings, for instance, you can add a large cascading luminaire cascading down below to fill in the void. 

7.   Follow Your Style

Designing your own space based on your own preference is as important to any rule or guidelines out there. Whether you love a vintage vibe or prefer the coral blue shades, it is imperative that you are comfortable, contented, happy, and feel safe in your personal space. 


Rules are meant to be bent, if not broken, that’s from time to time of course. But when you’re still starting your venture in interior design, it is best to follow the rules first. Even the most seasoned interior designers love to break a rule or two, but usually, an exceptional quality is at stake. 

Be inspired and indulge in the aesthetically moving and unforgettable creations of our high-end interior design pratner KOJA DESIGN. An international Interior Design Studio that creates sophisticated spaces and of the best luxury interior design firms in London. 

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