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5 Reasons to Choose Bespoke Furniture, Tips from West London Design Studio

Are you ahead of a home renovation project? Are you bored of all the mass-produced furniture brands? Do you have a specific taste? Are you all about quality when it comes to your home? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, we have got a solution for you: bespoke furniture.

Bespoke is a term used to describe tailor-made, customised furniture. These pieces of furniture are designed to fit your needs and taste, to lift the overall look of your London home. Today, we explain 5 good reasons why to go bespoke!

1. Customisation

You love black but light timber is not your style? Are you obsessed with gold finish, but beige is not the colour you want to match it with? Good news. When you choose bespoke furniture, you are not limited to certain colours, patterns, materials; you can go as creative as you want. If you want a unique piece you won’t see at any of your friends’ home (after lockdown is lifted), choose that special personal touch with bespoke items!

Audrey Chair by KOKET

2. Perfect fit

If you live in a house that has odd room dimensions or angles, low or slanted ceilings, you have to wrap your head around how to furnish it. Bespoke furniture is made after precise measurements so the pieces will be designed and produced to fit into any areas of your home that wouldn't be possible with a mainstream furniture brand.

3. Quality

If you have ever shopped from certain furniture companies who mass produce their products, you had to face the weak quality. If you are looking for high-quality pieces you don’t need to replace after 1-2 years of use, go bespoke! Furniture brands like Covet House put so much passion into creating unique, high-quality pieces you will enjoy years and years long.

Bespoke furniture design by Essential Home

4. Match it

If you are in the middle of a home refurbishment project and you have already outlined the style of your home, your next step is finding matching items. However, if you really like a sofa but you can’t find fitting armchairs or you have found the perfect dining table, but the dining chairs are just not your style, start to think about bespoke furniture! Keep in mind that it is your home, so it has to radiate your taste and style. Don’t compromise with something you don’t like just because you want to finish as soon as possible. Quality work takes time and it always pays off!

Bespoke pieces from Pinterest

5. Handmade

Bespoke furniture is made by the most skilled craftsmen who put knowledge, years of experience and hard work into each piece. Handmade pieces have more value and soul, completely transforming the atmosphere of your home.

Nu Projects has a special collaboration with Covet London, offering a wide range of curated, completely customisable furniture, lighting and accessories selection. Working with 12 brands and providing door-to-door shipping services for a truly unique experience. If you want to know more about Covet and their furniture selection contact us or pop into our Fulham based showroom!



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