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4 Most Impactful Interior Design Trends in 2021 Autumn

While enjoying the last rays of sunshine in London, the newest trends have already taken over the interior design world.

We have to say goodbye to open plans and modern farmhouse designs and embrace the new trends. Here are Nu Projects' top 4 interior design trend predictions!

1. Colours & Tones

Straight from the design scene, neutral, earthy colours are ruling every industry this autumn; beige, brown, sand, eggshell, the muted, the better. If you have started renovating your home recently and want to include the latest trends, you will find plenty of toned-down tiles, worktops, paints.

Earth & warm tones, Image Credit from Pinterest

If a drastic change is not what you are looking for, we have good news; warmer tones are also hot this autumn! Terracotta and autumn orange will rule the decoration department, so grab some new cushions or update your living room with a trendy curtain!

2. Textures & Materials

The verdict is in: The cosier, the better! The time of the contemporary minimalism trend has started to come to an end, soft and natural textures are taking its place.

You have to find the right balance; the goal is to create a homey yet sophisticated atmosphere. You can incorporate this trend easily by throwing a wool blanket on the sofa or buying a woven pouffe.

Cosy & Soft materials, Image Credit from Pinterest

3. Furniture Trends

It’s all about personality! Vintage is taking the place of clean minimalism this year. Bespoke, unique and upcycled pieces are in high demand to add more character to the homes. A mixture of contemporary and vintage is predicted to rule the interiors this year.

Vintage & Upcycled Furniture, Image Credit from Pinterest

4. Layouts

The pandemic will have a long-time effect on room layouts; say goodbye to open-plan! Spending so much time indoors urged everyone to make the interiors more functional. Guest rooms were turned into home offices, unused corners into nooks.

Dividers & Partitions, Image Credit from Pinterest

Incorporating decorative partition screens and room dividers will give you the amount of privacy you crave!


  1. Toned-down earth colours and warmer tones like terracotta and autumn orange will rule this autumn.

  2. Soft and cosy textures with a sophisticated twist are taking over the interiors this year.

  3. A combination of contemporary and vintage furniture pieces is getting more and more popular.

  4. Open-plans are out, divider and partition screens are in!


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