Man Cave: How to Create a Sophisticated Bachelor Pad, tips from West London interior designer, Natal

Generally, bachelor pads have a bad rap to them. When talking about one, you assume an unkempt space with junk everywhere. But no interior designers are bringing the game up a notch with their designing ideas.

A man cave should have a very unique, creative and personal touch to it making the owner feel alive. Hence, when designing one, interior designers and remodelers need to make it masculine and trendy, but the demands of the customer have to be kept in mind also, making it fully customized. Even though that is true, some trends are always a hit.

5 Trends to Make a Sophisticated Man Cave

1. Neutral Colors

There are some colours which are perceived as feminine. Keep away from those. Interior designers should focus on picking either dramatic or neutral colours like grey. But, your aim should not be to give the man cave a dull and cold look. Bring life to the cave by adding warmer colours like brown, orange, yellow. There are so many options in the colour palette. Mix it up and you will have a unique colour tones.

2. Pick a Theme

Having a theme not only makes the work of the interior decorators easier, but it will also give you a foundation to build upon. Consistency is the key. Don’t focus on trying to match items with each other, just make sure everything is in harmony with each other. For example, if there is a billiard table, going for a wooden wall or wooden furniture is a good idea. Try to match things with each other. Making the room more cohesive with matching accessories will make you stand out from the other decorators.

3. Accessories and Furniture

Keep in mind that comfort comes first. So, all the furniture needs to be comfortable. Furniture with sharp lines, big oversized sofas and recliners should be added. While doing so, keep in mind not only comfort but functionality also. For accessories, less is more. Don’t try to go overboard. Interior designers should focus on incorporating only things that stand out, for example, maybe some sports memorabilia, personally crafted items or cool wall art. Accessorizing also depends on the budget of the client. You can add a pool table, a minibar, home theatre etc. depending on the budget.

4. Hide Cables

Surely, the heart of a man cave is the electronics. Be it the Xbox, TV, Sound system, home theatre, all of them have multiple cables. Being the interior designer, it is your responsibility to plan placement in such a way as to leave no visible cable. Install proper cable covers or hide the cables behind the furniture.

5. Light

Man caves don’t need to be all gloomy and dull. Decorators need to brighten it up a notch. Usually, there are no windows in a man cave and that needs to be compensated by adding lighting fixtures. Wall scones, pendant lamps and pot lights look elegant, stylish and trendy.

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