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When you are preparing a luxury refurbishment, it’s essential to think about the protection of your property. Interior design doesn’t stop at choosing the right colour of your wall and couch: it expands to the security of your home.

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Internal windows security shutters are a smart choice of home safety and security. This type of bespoke security roller shutter is usually installed to all lower ground and ground floor windows and doors.

What is the process of internal window security shutters installation and why is it a part of interior design?

Internal security shutters are applied on a frame with vertical rails that support the shutter. It’s really important to apply this step as a part of the interior design project so the internal window security shutters can be designed to integrate with the existing window system, furnishing and the style of the room.

Credit: Sholashade

What are the benefits of internal window security shutters?

If you live in a prime London area such as Chelsea, South Kensington, Belgravia, Holland Park or Notting Hill, protecting your home from intruders is crucial.

This type of home security was designed not to intrude on the look of the building. The security system is also designed to integrate with the existing window system and furnishings. It’s not affecting the design of the interior. When the shutter is raised the shutter system is invisible.

The shutters come in many colours and materials to fit perfectly to the room design.

The internal shutters can be controlled via a computer-based central control system. The system notifies the homeowner if the shutter has been left open and can be managed on a smartphone.

Credit: CharterGlobal

If you are planning a luxury interior design in London, be sure you choose a company which includes an internal security system in the project. If internal window security shutters are applied as a part of an interior design project, it is more likely that the system will be balanced with the interior. Nu Projects works closely with highly skilled professionals who can create the perfect interior with the most suitable protection.

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