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Don’t move, improve: Basement conversion in West London

In London, especially in prime areas as Chelsea, Fulham and South Kensington, the only realistic way to add extra square footage to your property is by creating a basement. Most homes in houses in London can have a basement; whether you have an existing cellar or you don’t, it doesn’t make any difference.

A single-story basement build in West London costs roughly £200sqf-£250sqf. Usually, clients go for the maximum, which would be under a footprint of the house. The fit-out costs are on top of that which depends very much on the client’s specifications of, floors, bathrooms, fixtures & fittings and so on.

A complete basement project takes approx. 8-9 months; the digging and underpinning can take 4-5 months and the fit-out another 4 months.

Creating a basement in West London is an excellent investment, adding extra square footage to the property only will intern add hundreds of thousands to the properties value.

Nu Projects have had a considerable basement construction presence in West London. We have recently started a new project in Fulham; the terrace property will get a full home refurbishment from top to bottom, a loft conversion, a kitchen side return extension and a basement fit-out. The property has an existing cellar below with a low head height, so our job is to drop to the floor by 1 meter to create extra ceiling height.

Watch our video to find out what room we are going to fit out the basement and subscribe to our Youtube channel if you are interested in how this project will turn out!

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