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Stone - So many, how do you decide?

Stone is used in the home in multiple ways. On kitchen work surfaces, in the bathroom, in the garden, flooring. Stone comes in multiple forms and styles. Depending on your living situation, will determine which stone you should consider buying.


The most beautiful, without a doubt is always going to be natural stone. Sandstone, quartzite, granite, basalt. Stone like marble, where veining is seen, is unlike any other pieces of stone because it is naturally made. Every single piece of cut stone is different and individual. There is something magical about no one else having the same stone as you.

Used a lot to add decoration and drama to a room, marble is beautiful, in its smooth and rugged finish. However, marble although a very hard material, is unforgiving with stains. Like limestone, marble is permeable meaning liquids will go straight through it. If red wine, orange juice or curry sauce spillage is a recurring event in your home, maybe marble is not the best stone to go for. Sealants can be used but it does add a layer to the stone that can discolour the stone so be careful.


Photo: B.E. Architects (terazzo)

Granite is a very popular stone for work surfaces. Highly durable, a hot pan can be taken out of the oven and placed directly on to the counter top without any harm to the stone. The stone is scratch resistant, maintenance being very low with the likelihood of granite work surfaces needing to be repaired or resurfaced being at a minimum.