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Thinking of Loft Converting? Listen up!

Loft conversions can be so beneficial to your property value. With a whole new liveable floor space added to your property, a new bedroom, study and bathroom can add big benefits when, in the future, looking to sell your home.

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Firstly, think about how much you should spend on your loft conversion. You want to add value to your property with a loft conversion. However, if you spend too much, you may over value your home and the profit margin be non existent.

For example – your house is valued at £500,000. If your loft conversion costs £50,000, the projected cost of your home is £550,000. However, if the ceiling prices of houses on your street are £520,000, then you will never see your profit.

Loft conversions usually take six to ten weeks to complete. However, if it is a more complex loft conversion where the existing roof will need to be removed, the project can take eight to ten weeks.

In most cases, loft conversions don’t require planning permission as they abide with permitted development. However, if you are extending or altering your roof and exceeding the limits and conditions, then you may need planning permission.

There are three main types of loft conversions people generally have done on their home.

Roof-light Conversion: Generally, this conversion is kept within the existing roof structure. It tends to be the most affordable because of this. Space can be limited due to the room being contained within the original roof height.

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Dormer Window Extension: More expensive, this is where the volume of the roof is made into a 90 degree angle allowing vertical windows and doors, and therefore a lot more full head room. Generally, there is no need for planning permission, but there may need to be if changes are happening to the front elevation of the property.