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Couture Construction by nu:

Couture Construction

nu:projects was founded by Nick Jeffries have successfully fused together our British love of fashion and the Englishman’s home being his castle, they have set Kensington and Chelsea alight with their expertise in design and construction. With high profile clients such as Kylie Minogue who quote nu:projects as her ‘Gucci builders’ , projects designed by nu:projects have fast became synonymous with bespoke, seamlessly finished, exclusively designed and highly sought after.

London, capital city of the UK is among the oldest of the new world’s great cities with a history spanning nearly two millennia— it is truly one of the most cosmopolitan. London, by far, is Britain’s largest metropolis, and is also the country’s economic, transportation, and cultural centre. With that said, when it comes to Property Development, London has been viewed as quite linear, traditionally designed and often worlds apart from the laws that govern high fashion.

However, nu:projects have changed the property landscape, described as becoming the backbone of Luxury Builders In London, in their own way they have brought their own sense of ‘couture construction’ to the heart of this city, much to the joy of London’s elite. From decadent refurbishments that bring visions to life to basements that create beautiful extra living spaces, adding substantial value.

nu:projects do it all, and they do it efficiently, effortlessly and most importantly….with style.

As quoted in The Telegraph, successful British male model, David Gandy’s ‘house was not in great shape when he bought it. It had spiral carpets, floral wallpaper, a lavatory tacked on to the kitchen and few original features worth keeping. This meant he felt he had carte blanche to give it a complete overhaul, which he did with the help of nu:projects. They dug eight feet down into the basement to make space for a bedroom and a utility room, as well as a large snug, which extends a few feet beyond the back of the house and is partially lit by a narrow skylight running its width.’

nu:projects could be seen as true mavericks of the construction world, as quoted by Bloomberg ‘The West London boroughs of Kensington and Chelsea have outlawed so called mega basements, banning the residential digs in some of the most expensive parts of the city. The controversial technique saw some property owners excavate three stories underground, adding millions to the value of their homes and driving some neighbours to protest.’ However, with an impeccable track record and smooth project delivery, Nick is set to be building the very last Kensington super-basement.

The bottom line is, for those of us wanting more when it comes to construction in London, for those in search of the je ne sais quoi of property re-design, nu:projects simply must be our first port of call.

Bringing out-of-the-box construction excellence, and a team of dedicated, talented experts committed to excellence, it’s time for us to shake off traditions of old and get courageous with our homes. As the great fashion icon Diane Furstenberg said “Attitude is everything”.

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