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Evolving Homefronts: How Londoners Are Choosing Renovation Over Relocation with NU Projects Leading the Way.

Londoners have increasingly opted for home renovations and extensions in recent years instead of selling their properties. This trend is particularly evident in high-value areas like Fulham, Chelsea, South Kensington, Mayfair, Knightsbridge, and Belgravia. There are several reasons for this shift, highlighting how the market benefits design and build contractors in London.

One significant factor is the current property market conditions. With fluctuating house prices and the considerable costs associated with moving – including stamp duty, legal fees, and the upheaval of relocating – homeowners find extending or renovating their existing homes more economical and less disruptive. This approach avoids the uncertainties and expenses of moving and adds value to their properties.

NU Projects, a design and build company based in London, is an excellent example of how the market is evolving to meet these new demands. They offer various services, including architecture, interior design, bespoke joinery, project management, renovations, extensions, and basement developments. Their approach is particularly appealing to homeowners because they provide a turnkey service. This means clients deal with only one company from the initial design phase through to the completion of the construction, ensuring a streamlined and cohesive process.

The company's approach covers everything from obtaining planning permissions to working closely with structural engineers and party wall surveyors. This one-stop solution benefits clients who prefer a hassle-free renovation or extension process. NU Projects’ portfolio showcases a diverse range of high-end residential projects, demonstrating their capability to handle various styles and complexities.

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Furthermore, NU Projects' commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is evident in their work philosophy. They emphasise empathy, honesty, and loyalty in their business values, aiming to deliver luxury bespoke services that exceed client expectations.

The senior management team at NU Projects, with years of experience in delivering high-end residential projects, plays a crucial role in maintaining high craftsmanship and client service standards.

In summary, the trend towards renovating and extending homes in London, instead of selling, is driven by economic factors and the desire for bespoke, high-quality living spaces. Companies like NU Projects are at the forefront of this trend, providing comprehensive design and build services that cater to homeowners' specific needs and aspirations in London's high-value areas. This shift is transforming individual homes and shaping the construction and design industry in London, offering new opportunities and challenges to businesses in the sector.

For more information on NU Projects and their services, visit their website at


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