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The Art of Partnering with Exceptional Suppliers, Luxury Furniture Suppliers in Kensington & Chelsea

At Nu Projects, we prioritise delivering exceptional quality in every project. Our careful selection of suppliers reflects this commitment to excellence, where only the best partners are chosen to collaborate with us. One such esteemed partner is Andrew Martin, a renowned interior design and lifestyle name.

Founded by Martin Waller in 1978, the brand specialises in creating unique and eclectic interior design products and furnishings. The company is known for its distinctive blend of classic and contemporary styles, often incorporating a global and well-travelled aesthetic.

Andrew Martin offers a range of products, including furniture, lighting, textiles, wallpapers, home accessories, and more. Their offerings cater to individuals and businesses seeking to create distinctive and personalised interior spaces. The brand is mainly celebrated for its ability to mix various design elements, cultures, and historical periods, resulting in visually striking spaces full of character.

For our Redcliffe Road Project, we are excited to incorporate a thoughtfully curated selection of indoor and outdoor fabrics from Andrew Martin. This strategic choice not only ensures the utmost comfort and durability but also guarantees that the interiors and exteriors of our project will exude unique and timeless beauty, setting new standards for sophistication and refinement. By combining Andrew Martin's premium products with our construction expertise, we are dedicated to creating spaces that harmoniously blend quality, functionality, and aesthetic appeal.

If you would like to discuss your project with #NU please call 020 7731 6841 or email


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