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"Residential Architects in Kensington and Chelsea | NU Projects: Transforming Historic Homes.

NU Projects is the No1 for residential architecture, design, and project management firm based in the London borough of Kensington and Chelsea. We specialise in residential architecture projects for the period, listed, and historic homes, primarily in Kensington, Chelsea, Holland Park, and Notting Hill. Our trusted residential architects adhere to the rigorous processes outlined by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) to ensure the highest standards of design and execution.

At NU Projects, we follow the comprehensive RIBA processes throughout the entire lifecycle of your project. From the initial design and planning applications to the complete delivery of the build, our experienced team of residential architects diligently follows the RIBA stages, which include:

  1. Stage 0: Strategic Definition - We work closely with you to understand your requirements, aspirations, and project objectives.

  2. Stage 1: Preparation and Brief - We develop a detailed brief that captures your vision, preferences, and functional requirements for the project.

  3. Stage 2: Concept Design - Our residential architects create initial design concepts that reflect your vision and propose innovative solutions.

  4. Stage 3: Developed Design - We refine the design, incorporating your feedback, and develop it further with detailed drawings, material selection, and technical specifications.

  5. Stage 4: Technical Design - We produce comprehensive technical drawings and specifications, ensuring compliance with building regulations and other statutory requirements.

  6. Stage 5: Construction - Our project management team oversees the construction phase, coordinating contractors and suppliers and ensuring quality control.

  7. Stage 6: Handover and Close Out - We assist with the final inspections, certifications, and handover of the completed project, ensuring all necessary documentation is provided.

By following the RIBA processes, NU Projects ensures a systematic and meticulous approach to residential architecture, guaranteeing that your project is delivered to the highest design and construction excellence standards. Explore our portfolio of completed residential architecture projects in Kensington to witness the successful application of these processes.


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