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Bespoke Furniture Made in London by Natalie Fogelstrom. West London Interior Designer

At Koja Design we offer bespoke furniture, made in London in our design studio Parsons Green. We make the most exceptional beautiful one-off pieces to suit your home perfectly both in line with you style, personality and fit for the perfect proportions to your space.

Custom made furniture can be a viable option if you have specific style requirements and are unable to find the exact designs in readymade furniture. But it also allows for your home to look truly personal and with the most stunning flow of colour schemes and design otherwise tricky to match to perfection with ready-made furniture. This way we can use the same fabric for curtains and cushions as well as beautiful one-off ottomans and armchairs to allow for a stunning visual design scheme.

Bespoke furniture also ensures that our clients can own the most beautiful luxury furniture for their personal spaces to be treasured for a lifetime.

Furniture to fit the layout – unlike readymade furniture where the size is pre-made and you have to make do with whatever is available, in custom made furniture, our client and our designers work together to find the designs of furniture which optimally fit the layout of the space in which the furniture is to be installed. Small spaces can get the essential small-scale furniture while oversized furniture can be installed in ample spaces for cosy and amenable interiors.

Customized functionality – in custom made furniture, our client can dictate the terms of the functionality of the item to suit your convenience.

The perfect coloured fabric, the required number of drawers and cabinets, the style of the cabinet doors, hidden niches, etc are fitted in accordance with your desired preferences.

Depending on your lifestyle choices and where the furniture is to be used (say office or residence), the furniture is customized to include every fitting which suits your individual use.