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What Does Colour Say About You?

Colour. We see it everywhere. Colour is incredibly powerful in our every day lives. With fashion, we fall towards some colours and stay away from others. With cars, some like a more traditional black whereas others prefer a cherry red. With cosmetics, do you go for a deep purple lipstick or keep it muted with a skin-toned matte? Interiors are the exact same. Interior designers design rooms in specific colour palettes to create emotion and feeling depending on the rooms function and what mood they would like to be created.

Photo: molly_britt

There is not a right or wrong answer of what specific colours should be used in your home. Any colour works, it just depends on what colours are put together with some looking better than others as well as some tones of colour being more appealing than others.

As a case study, there is a reason McDonalds paint their restaurants red and yellow. Red is a colour that stimulates the mind to eat, it has been used for centuries for this purpose and so red appears as an obvious choice for dining rooms. The brightness of the yellow in accordance with the bright lights that McDonalds put in place, is also purposefully done because it makes you eat faster, and therefore the food does not fill you up as much and therefore you

order more. There are certain colours that evoke certain emotions in people and McDonalds marketing department hit the nail on the head early on in the designing process.

Photo: Pinterest

So, what do home interior schemes say about you and what do you feel when you walk into differing coloured rooms?


There are no rules on “what colour to do in what room?” The number of pink kitchens that are coming into the limelight has increased a lot in the past year which I really love. When you hear that pink is becoming very popular, you might think that a barbie pink would look atrocious anywhere in the home. But it is about the tone and hue of pink that you choose. For example a pale pink with a grey tone works beautifully in a room with walls of accented blue to contrast against the pink and make it more gender neutral.