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Real or Fake - What is best - Interior Decorating

A problematic decision for home-developers is, do I choose the “real-deal” material or go for something fake, a replica, in a more inexpensive material?

In the past, going back ten years, the real material was always the best. Replicas looked fake, felt cheap and did not hold any correlation to the desired material. Nowadays however, replicas of certain materials are so good a copy of the real deal that spotting the difference in some cases is close to impossible.

Photo: Domus

This article will try and make you decide what to choose when developing your home. When going fake, the benefits begin with the cost. Going fake, the price can be a fraction of what you decide to pay if you were to buy the real deal. Taking wood flooring as the example, laminate and vinyl is so good these days, it is hard to know the difference between that and authentic wood.

Photo: Flooring Centre Ltd.

Porcelain timber-looking floor tiles can be bought and used in wet rooms for example. They have become very popular due to their effectiveness with underfloor heating and low maintenance.

Photo: Domus

A very similar situation is shown when looking at marble work surfaces. Porcelain worktops have become so popular because they look just like marble, especially the darker stones. The image printed onto the porcelain holds such varying shades of veining , and the clarity is so clear that it looks like the real deal.