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Spring has Sprung. Bring in the Florals

The days are getting longer, the birds are chirping in the blossoming trees and flowers have started blooming in the green fields. I always see spring as the best time of the year, summer is on its way and spending the majority of your time in the sun outside with friends is nearing.

Photo: Surfaceview

Spring makes me think of nature, new life and all the colours that start to pop up and appear with the blooming flowers. More popular than ever, bringing the inside out and the outside in is a popular trend for lots of interior and garden designers, trying to make spaces appear bigger in small homes.

Photo: Anthropologie

This sense of nature entering the home can be used, and is being used a lot, with floral prints and patterns being a big interior trend. Gone are the days when florals were seen as 'grandma style' and dated. Instead they are brightening up spaces and making rooms statement areas in the home.


Floral patterns can be used in many different ways, but one of the main and most popular at the moment, is through wallpaper. I believe that if you are going to use florals, you need to make it a statement – go big or go home as they say. If you use it just a little and very sparingly in a room, especially if the printed florals are very small, it can look quite dated and as if not much thought was put into it.

Florals act very well as an accent, and the print should be showcased. Use the colours in the printed wallpaper in other areas of the room. This will create flow and synergy, making the room one cohesive space. Think of a room like a painting, you want your eye to drift seamlessly around the canvas and not have a part that is very jarring and looks out of place.

Photo: Pinterest

In terms of tonality and shades, I think any colour can work. Dark floral prints look really striking and beautiful in entertaining spaces or bedrooms. When lit with the right lighting, dark florals can look beautiful, giving off a very rich luxurious look.

Photo: Atlanta Homes and Interiors

Lighter florals can also be used to freshen up a space. Traditional style prints like this yellow wallpaper looks very pretty and chic.

Whereas this print from Cole and Son, though quite traditional and dark, is very fun and lively.

Photo: Cole and Son

If you are going for a floral piece of art, whether abstract or realistic, I believe it looks better when the size of it is very big and oversized. Having a small print on the wall can look as if it was just placed there. If you have got lots of small prints, create a gallery wall in collage affect with lots of flower prints.

Photo: homedecorwatch

Floral prints also look beautiful on cushions and decorative items, but what I would say is carry on incorporating the colours in the cushions, in other things around the room creating that cohesive feeling.

Photo: Instagram

If you are looking for any interior design help with your property, contact us today to get in touch with one of our in-house interior designers.

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