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Fabric, Fabric, Fabric! - Which is Best for Me and My Home?

Photo: Amara

Soft furnishings are an easy way to spruce up your home without spending the big bucks on a whole renovation. With a new lick of paint to a room, soft furnishings may need to be changed because the colour scheme is no longer suited, or the cushions are old and require a complete re-haul.

While you can buy cushions from many retailers, it is really nice to completely individualise your cushions and curtains, or even go as far as re-upholster your sofa. There are so many fabric designers out there, and places like Chelsea Harbour are home to so many of them so it can be a lot of fun going around all the showrooms and deciding which fabrics to go for. It can also be very overwhelming and that is why so many people get help from an interior designer.

Photo: Cole and Son

Every type of fabric has negatives and positives. It Is important to know or understand what fabrics are best for your living situation – do you have young messy kids? Dogs and cats that shed hair? A room that is in the sun all the time? Situations like these will give you an idea of what fabrics you should choose and what fabrics you shouldn’t.

Photo: House and Garden

Here are some hints and tips of what fabrics to go for and what fabrics to give a miss to.

Cotton – If you have pets, hair can easily be brushed off cotton due to its tight woven texture. However, if you have kids who spill a lot, cotton is not the best fabric to go for. Cotton is less durable and stains easily and although can be washed, it does wrinkle. However, if you have a young family and know that your home is going to go through some wear-and-tear for a few years, then nothing needs to be very pristine and perfect.

Tweed- Tweed is a classic British fabric choice. Thick, homely and warm, it is good for hiding pet hairs, and can be washed pretty easily. Due to its layered fibres, hair does get embedded in the fabric and can be difficult to get out. Ho