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Should I Invest in a Bathroom Renovation?

Lots of clients contact us asking whether redoing their outdated bathroom is worth the investment. The answer is fundamentally yes. However, how you do up your bathroom depends on what your housing situation is. An investment can either be a financial investment or personal. If you are planning on selling your home in the near future, you should think differently about how you re-do your bathroom to someone who is in their forever home.

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Bathrooms are practical rooms. They are there to fill a function – cleaning, washing, getting ready et cetera. If moving home and wanting to renovate for selling purposes, you should distance yourself from adding personal touches to the bathroom. Keep it simple and neutral in colour. You want it to be easy for any type of buyer to live in regardless of their personal taste.

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Classic contemporary is always a good style to go for as it won’t turn off the modern or traditional buyer covering a wide variation of styles. It is clean in appliances and unfussy in detail, neutral greys, whites and earthy tones are always safe bets. Neutral colours stand the test of time whereas the colour of the season will always fall out of style.

Most rooms around a property can be freshened up with a single lick of paint or new furniture. Bathrooms need a lot more money invested in them to make a difference to a home.

It is always worth investing in making your bathroom, and full house for that matter, structurally sound. Construction costs that look too good to be true, usually are. Making your home structurally sound will increase property value indefinitely.

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Cheap fittings in bathrooms always look tacky and feel cheap and plasticky in the hand. I would always suggest investing that little extra in shower handles, taps and appliances. Cabinetry can be bought on a low budget from even places like IKEA. Adding little hints of luxuriousness through appliances can really give a room that wow factor. Match all the fixtures with the same finishes – towel rack, mirror rims, taps, handles. Having a cohesive look looks really smart.

Lighting is a huge aspect to consider. If natural light is lacking in a bathroom it can make the room feel cold and small. Use mirrors to reflect light around