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Pendant Lighting

When it comes to decorative ceiling lighting, it can be tricky to know the right size, the right height and the right area to place them. Decorative pendants can bring so much to a room. Above a kitchen island, above a dining table, or the centrepiece of a room, chandeliers and pendants are great focal points.


The height that you place your pendants is dependant on the height of your ceiling. In addition, you need to think about the size of the pendants. If you are having three pendants instead of two above your kitchen island, for example, then the size may need to be a little smaller or else it may look a little cluttered. For larger pendants think about 30 to 32 inches apart. However, smaller hanging lights, like the industrial style free-falling lightbulbs will obviously be able to be placed closer together.


Pendants should also be 30 to 32 inches from the kitchen island countertop to the bottom of the pendant. You want to be able to see what is happening on the other side of the pendant, in addition to not banging your head!

Photo: contemporarylighting

Three pendants in a row, or two, look amazing above a kitchen island, and one large chandelier looks incredible over a dining table. Same rules apply for the height between the dining table and bottom of a chandelier – think between 32 and 34 inches.


For chandeliers in living rooms or hallways, height is important too. In a living room place the chandelier in the centre of the room or in front of the main fireplace. It will be a focal point so show it off. In addition, a chandelier placed in the centre of a room will create symmetry on either side.. In terms of height, you want a large pendant or chandelier to be at least 7 feet above the ground. If you are wanting a large decorative light, do think about the height of your ceiling because it may not be possible in some situations.


It is important that the light you choose is the right size for the size of room it is being placed in. You may really like a light, but if it is too big for a specific room, or too small, it will look out of place and stand out like a sore thumb.


Pendant lights come in all forms of design and decoration. Modern, industrial, traditional, eclectic, simplistic; one light can really change a room up massively

Lights can either be chosen to fit in with the room’s aesthetic, or look a little out of place, adding a more hipster feeling to a room. Ceiling lights shouldn’t be boring and just be a bulb with a fabric shade. Think of it as a decorative piece, an additional piece of furniture to the room holding both decorative and functional needs.

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