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Wood Burners, Add Warmth to your Home!

Firstly, we at nu:projects, want to wish you all a very happy new year! We are very excited for what the year has to offer and cannot wait to show you all our projects lined up and the journey throughout! Thank you for taking the time to read and follow us. Hopefully our tips help you with some of your design and construction ideas.

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Now then, moving onto the main bulk of this week’s blog, this article is going to focus on wood burners. At this time of year, the beautiful smell of burning wood can be smelt as one drifts through the frosted streets on a chilly afternoon. Wood burners bring such warmth and homeliness to a room becoming the centre-piece of the social hub. In addition, a wood burner can add a rustic or modern charm to a room, almost an ornamental piece in itself.

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However, last year, the government announced plans to put regulations on wood burners in order to improve air cleanliness. The government have stated the opinion that if your stove has been in use for more than ten years, you should think about replacing it.

From 2019 onwards, only eco-friendly stoves will be legally sold. The new wood burners are not only more environmentally friendly but more efficient too meaning more heat for your money.

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Smoke controlled areas, such as London, have regulations on which stoves can be purchased. For example, only DEFRA-approved (Department of Environment, Farming and Rural affairs) will be sold. These stoves are smoke exempt with emission levels having been tested throughout the entire manufacturing process.

Do not fret however. There are many different brands to look at including Jotul, Charlton and Jenrick, Dovre, Mendip. Stoves come in many different designs and sizes. With lots of people going for the traditional style, glass front, decorative detailing, fit for any cottage or beach shack, the wood burners popularity means stunning modern stoves have dramatically improved in design over the years. Sleek, simplistic gun metal designs, with a tall striking exposed chimney look amazing in high ceilinged rooms.