Re-decorate Your Home - Bold Colours

With Christmas around the corner, you may be thinking of sprucing up your home for the festive season. Or maybe your home is in need of a makeover or touch up. Interior decorating can be as minimal or expansive as you would like, even a little decorating can make a big difference to your home. Photo: Pinterest Here are some bold and beautiful design inspiration ideas that will hopefully assist your creativity and make your home that extra special for the holidays and years to come. Let's glam up the home for Christmas. Colour. When we think of Britain, many people think of the colour grey. This shouldn’t be seen as a negative. Grey has become the new white and cream and works incredibly w

Planning Permission: The Ins and Outs

We all wish that when wanting to change something in our home, it would be simple and work could commence straight away. This is not the case. Planning permission has to be granted for a multitude of projects and can take up to eight weeks for your local planning department to determine the outcome of your application. Here, we hope to introduce you to the ins and outs of planning permission to help you with the process. Photo: nu:projects Planning permission is needed for lots of reasons: -You are building something new. If you want to build an extension to your home or do a completely new build, you will need to get planning permission. There are exemptions. For example, with permitted

Thinking of Loft Converting? Listen up!

Loft conversions can be so beneficial to your property value. With a whole new liveable floor space added to your property, a new bedroom, study and bathroom can add big benefits when, in the future, looking to sell your home. Photo: nu:projects Firstly, think about how much you should spend on your loft conversion. You want to add value to your property with a loft conversion. However, if you spend too much, you may over value your home and the profit margin be non existent. For example – your house is valued at £500,000. If your loft conversion costs £50,000, the projected cost of your home is £550,000. However, if the ceiling prices of houses on your street are £520,000, then you will

Pets - A Londoner's best Friend in the Home

Walking down Kings Road, you can indefinitely see that a dog is a Londoner’s best friend. Shops and cafes give access to all forms of well pampered pedigrees from small sausages to big furry huskies. Dogs are a main priority and that shouldn’t stop when it comes to the home. Here is a compilation of things any home owner owning a dog, or any pet for that matter, should think about if remodelling. Creatively placed beds. Adding a bit of flare and personality to your home shouldn’t stop with a boring pet bed or blanket. Why not place your dog’s bed under the stairs – superbly adorable, and your dog now has its very own room! Another idea is placing the bed in one of the work counters of the

Solve Those Frosty Toes – Heating Solutions for Your Home

Winter. Is. Here. In one week, the temperature has dropped, Halloween is over, and it won’t be long till the Christmas adverts start appearing on the telly. With the plunge in temperature, your thermostats might start being cranked up, your fires turned on, and woolly socks making their debut. Photo: nu: However, is your home efficiently keeping the heat in and cold out? With many of the terraced houses in London built in the Victorian era, some renovations may need to be considered to make your home as energy efficient as possible and set you and your family up for the winter months and years to come. Terraced homes work well for keeping heat in on the sides of your property. But, sash w

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