Worksurfaces - So Many How Do You Decide?

When it comes to work surfaces, there are so many you can choose from. Granite, quartz, porcelain, glass, concrete, corian, wood, stainless steel, how do you decide which one to go for? Photo: Pinterest When it comes to worksurfaces, you need to ask yourself some critical questions of how you need a kitchen countertop to perform. For example, a cooking enthusiast will need a more robust worktop to someone who orders take out most nights. Budget is a big aspect and worktops can vary quite massively. If you want a natural stone like marble, this is going to be a lot more expensive than a porcelain worksurface. Is there a need for heat resistance? Are you someone who requires a low maintenance

What Does Colour Say About You?

Colour. We see it everywhere. Colour is incredibly powerful in our every day lives. With fashion, we fall towards some colours and stay away from others. With cars, some like a more traditional black whereas others prefer a cherry red. With cosmetics, do you go for a deep purple lipstick or keep it muted with a skin-toned matte? Interiors are the exact same. Interior designers design rooms in specific colour palettes to create emotion and feeling depending on the rooms function and what mood they would like to be created. Photo: molly_britt There is not a right or wrong answer of what specific colours should be used in your home. Any colour works, it just depends on what colours are put

Join the Nu Projects affiliation program and generate income

Do you want to be involved in London construction project but don’t have the expertise in a trade? You are in luck. Nu Projects are opening the doors to allow you to become one of our affiliation partners. An accessible way for you to generate income, do you have a friend, relative, colleague who is looking for renovation work on their property, architectural plans drawn up and submitted, or an interior design consultancy? With you becoming one of our affiliation partners, when you refer nu projects to one of your contacts and they sign with us for their project, we will give you an introductory fee as gratuity. Joining the Nu Projects family, we are passionate about construction and provi

Ronnie Surridge, BMX to Property

Ronnie Surridge. If you are in the BMX circle, or biking world you will have heard of this name. Sponsored by big names including Vans, Alpine Stars, Profile Racing, Staffbmx, Team Blowin It, Protec back in the day, it is easy to see that he was an individual well respected in the BMX sphere. Starting off when he was a youngster with his twin brother, his first bike was a Harlo Sport bike. Enjoying the ride and having fun outdoors grew into a passion for a sport where a career could and ended up blossoming from. When finishing school and deciding what path to go down, there were many options, graphic design being one of them. But, when given the chance to go to America, a country that was

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