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Comfort and Design, balance your home with West London interior designer, Natalie Fogelstrom

Interior designing is all about aesthetic beauty along with comfort. A sofa which looks nice to the eyes, but is not comfortable to sit on is of no use to you. Hence, you aim to make your home beautiful and comfortable.

Nu Projects x Koja Designs, West London's No1 high-end interior design practice offers you designs which are universally appealing with functionality as its forte. When revamping your London house or a room, there is always a little give and take between comfort and design.

In such a situation, the entire process becomes tedious at times. But, today is your lucky day. As we have got your back to overcome this tiresome trade-off. “Balance” is the magic word here!

5 Tips to Strike a Balance in Comfort and Design

1.  Go Transitional

Opt for a transitional style while decorating. This is the safest way to play. It is a middle ground between traditional and modern and is perfect if you are afraid of overdoing it. Look to add both vintage and modern pieces to the décor to give it an overall balanced look. Use warm neutrals, clean and straight lines and work your way with wood.

2.  Make Resting Beautiful

Make comfortable and beautiful places to rest. Add a hammock to the family room. Yes, didn’t think of that before, did you? Well, this is a perfect blend of design and comfort. A window seat in the hallway, super comfortable velvet furniture in the sitting room and vintage rocking chair in the nursery will be an excellent idea.

3.  Choose Comfort When It Matters

A very important point to remember is to choose comfort over design where it matters. Undoubtedly, your aim is always choosing both, but that does not work in the real world. When needed, comfort should be a priority. Functional items like flooring, sofas in the lounge and beds need to be comfortable. You can balance this by adding textured walls, over-the-top wallpapers and huge chandeliers. Play around with the rest of the room, the choices are endless.

4.  Colours

Choosing a colour is the first thing you will be doing when remodelling or designing the room. Go with a colour pallet that infuses cosiness and warmth in the surroundings. Make sure the living room is the most vibrant. The colours should be light and soothing to the eye. Go for pale yellows, light pinks, whites, greys and other colours.

5.  Bring on the Rugs

You can never go wrong with a rug. Rugs add comfort, style and modernity to the room. Cosy up your room by adding layers of rugs wall-to-wall. This is especially true for kid’s rooms. It will be durable, add depth and keep those little toes warm all year round. They are an excellent way to dampen the noise and provide padding for your feet.

Pro tip: To gain maximum out of this idea, make the base out of a natural-fibre rug and add something like a fluffy, soft sheepskin on it to give a plus finished look. Stand back and admire your work!



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