Fashion Designer Brands in Interiors, Dior, Armani, Calvin Klein, Fendi & Ralph Lauren

“Bring the runway to your home.”

High-class fashion designers are influencing and changing life as previously known. Love those outfits and clothes the super-models wear? But, fashion is not limited to your closet only. The world’s best fashion designers are using their inspirations right off the runway to create phenomenal and inspirational home decor. These high-end designers are a little expensive than the rest, but worth every penny spent.

We at Koja Design x NuProjects have brought together a list of the 5 best fashion designers turned interior designers. So, see how your house can look as good as these luxury designers make you look good.

Top 5 Fashion Designer Bringing Luxury Home

1. Dior Maison

This brand holds true to its essence “Celebrate your home”. Christian Dior always believed in elegant entertaining. If you are looking to add a touch of elegance to your tableware, Dior is the brand to look for. Plates and coffee mugs are a must-have to entertain those special guests. They don’t offer only this, but seasonal collections are a sight for the sore eyes. You will find mini aquariums and seaweed motifs, hand-painted on vases.

2. Armani CASA

Welcome the world of luxury and comfort to your doorstep with Armani CASA. Less is more. This is what you will get. Refined finishing, elegant textiles, simple, straight lines, these are the essence of this fashion brand in home décor. The best thing is you can even get tailored-made pieces for your home if you want to make your guests go WOW each time they enter the door.

3. Calvin Klein (CK)

Be inspired this year with the ravishing interior design which will make others jealous by opting for Calvin Klein. Your home will not only be modern but will also have a hint of timeless beauty. Hence, there is a little for everyone. You just can’t go wrong with choosing it for your home. The focus is on bath rugs, towels, bedding and a collection of accessories.

4. Fendi CASA

Fendi was the first fashion house to launch its luxury furniture range. Thus, paving the way for other fashion designers in this field. Redefine “at-home luxury” with the innovative designs that mix artistry and functionality both. Of course, having the most beautiful piece of furniture at home and not being able to sit on it comfortably is surely not going to do anyone any good. Hence, with Fendi Casa not only can you make your residence look good, but it can be incorporated in the hospitality industry.

5. Ralph Lauren Home

Last but not least, Ralph Lauren is also taking the interior decor world by storm. If you want something American, this is the brand to go for. You will get timeless craftsmanship along with the quality of the highest degree. It has so much to offer that choosing sometimes becomes difficult. From amazingly finished tea sets to elegant bed heirlooms, from light fixtures to floor coverings, picking only one thing will add to the aesthetic beauty of your house.

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