How to Declutter, by West London Interior Designer, Natalie Fogelstrom

Decluttering does not only provide aesthetic beauty to the house, but it also gives you peace of mind. Moreover, it acts as therapy for most people. You hardly come across someone who does not have junk lying around. There are so many things you use daily, e.g. school supplies, clothes, toys, your laptop, mail, books, snacks etc. that it seems impossible to be in order all the time. Clutter has been associated with mental stress for a long time. Researchers vouch for a positive relationship between decluttering and your peace of mind.

So, let’s see some easy ways to kick start the decluttering process.

5 Tips to Do It Right

1. Make a Plan

The best way is to start with a road map. A plan. Decluttering will become very easy once you have an action plan. Take a piece of paper and write down how you will go about it. Keep in mind the following two points:

· What item is not adding value?

· Which room to start with?

If there is a lot to do, set a completion date. Plan which room will take how much time? May be your room will take a day only, but the garage can take up to a week. So, be prepared.

2. Start slowly

Ever heard “slow and steady wins the race?” This is applied here also. If you rush into decluttering, it messes things up. Not only do you tire out quickly, things don’t get done either. The trick is to start slowly and build up momentum. Start with 5 minutes a day and keep adding time.

3. Sort It Out

No alt text provided for this image Of course, decluttering will be of no use if you pick items from one place and keep them in an organized way in another place, right? So, you need to sort them out properly. I would suggest making 3 boxes.

· To keep: Items which are important and need to be kept after organizing them.

· Discard: These would be the items which are of no use to you. Moreover, see which clothes or things you haven’t used in the past 6 months. Even if you like it, realize that you don’t need it.

· Store: Things which are not needed immediately. Store them somewhere.

4. Get Help

“Two heads are better than one”. This applies perfectly in this context also. Always ask the opinion of a family member or friend. Ask them what seems unnecessary in your house and needs to be removed. Once they make a list, defend the items you want to keep. If you are unable to do so, get rid of them.

5. Donate

Haven’t heard this one before, have you? Once you donate the extra stuff, you will not only get a sense of satisfaction, but the decluttering process will become better also. How? Well, personal satisfaction after donating will make you declutter better. You will not hoard on to things if you know they are going to the needy.

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