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Trends in Home Automation and Smart Technology By Nu Projects.

With the advent of technology, life is becoming easier. The home automation industry is one of the few industries in which automation is advancing at the speed of light. Homes are getting smarter with Nu Projects.

Every day you wake up to hear of a new invention in home automation and smart technology. Advances in artificial intelligence and cloud technology are allowing you to add intelligence to the various functions in your home. People who are adopting these trends vouch for the convenience and class they add to the house.

Below are a few top trends to watch out for this year. By following these trends, the functionality quotient of your home will increase manifold.

Top 5 Trends in Home Automation

1. Voice Control

Undoubtedly, voice assistants like Apple’s Siri, Amazon Alexa and Google assistant have already taken the world by storm. It is expected to see more electronics with voice control embedded in them. Smart TV’s can already be controlled with the help of these assistants. This year we will see voice control expanding to other devices, most importantly cars. Manufacturers are already working on making cars compatible with different voice assistants.

2. Wellness

A healthy lifestyle is one thing people are going lengths to achieve nowadays. An increase in equipment and sensors lets you monitor the quality of indoor air in the house along with light, temperature, humidity, UV light and many more parameters. Moreover, smart wearables monitor your sleep and that information can be used smartly. White noise is played through home speakers which makes sleeping easier and peaceful. Smart technology for disabled people is also trending this year.

3. Security

Keys are surely a thing of the past. A major smart home trend of this year, which focuses on securing the home, is the smart lock. These locks operate by checking your biometrics (a fingerprint or retina scan) or by voice control. Hence, they are the highest level of security one can get. This game-changing innovation makes your property secure from intruders and provides impenetrable security to your home. People who have already installed this vouch for a 100% result.

4. Increased Connectivity

A trend that is topping the charts is increased connectivity. Having so many smart devices which are not connected does not seem practical enough. Hence, keeping in mind this problem, companies are coming up with a hub that allows centralized management and control over connected devices. In this way, managing everything will become easier and your home will become smarter in the true sense.

5. Smart Doorbells

Haven’t heard this one before, have you? Smart doorbells are the name of the game this year. They come with pre-buffer motion activation. They are nothing like the traditional peephole from where you can see who is at your door. They start capturing footage when someone comes within a few feet of your home and the live feed can be seen in your mobile along with the recording to be accessed later on.


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