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How to expand your home in Fulham, Chelsea and South Kensington: Side return extension ideas by Nu P

Spaces in West London, especially in Fulham, Chelsea and South Kensington, are limited. Hence adding some extra space for a bigger kitchen could sound tricky. However, there are several ways to expand your home in London.

Image credit: Richard Chivers

Side return extension is the most popular method to expand Victorian terrace homes in London. It allows you to expand your home into the alleyway at the side of your property. This type of extension may seem small but can open up the kitchen and dining area and also add extra value to your home.

Before you expand your home, you should contact an extension specialist and make calculations. The cost of a side return extension depends on

  • the size of the extension

  • the layout of your existing home and garden

  • it’s relationship to neighbouring properties

  • ground conditions.

The average cost of a side return extension at 1.5mx6m will be around £40.000 to £50.000 + VAT what you will pay your contractor to put in foundation, build and external wall and roof, installation and apply internal finishings, including plastering and floors.

It's common and practical to expand the kitchen into the new space and merge it with the dining area.

Kitchen and dining room extension

Image credit: Pinterest

The room can also be expanded to an American-style living room, connected directly to the kitchen.

American-styled living rooms after side return extension

Image credit: Pinterest

Side return extension can make the room darker, so it is important to provide the room with enough lighting. This is feasible with roof lights or artificial light sources.

Roof lighting to make the extra space lighter

Image credit: Pinterest

Side return extensions need to be thought through properly so it is important to contact a side return extension specialist. Nu Projects at West London is a specialist in home extensions so we are glad to provide you more information or talk about your requirements. You can contact us on phone 020 7731 6841 or via email

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