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MUST-HAVES IN 2020: 5 interior design tips for the next year

Are you bored of looking at the same wall, kitchen counter or couch every day? Thinking about a well-deserved home renovation? Here are some tips from Nu Projects to give your home a fresh start in 2020.

1. Colours

Pastel colours like dusty pink or neo-mint will still on-trends in 2020. Soft, calming colours like pale blue, muted green and neutral colours will be upcoming. Don’t be afraid using warm neutral colours; champagne tones will give a classic, elegant edge to your home. If you are looking for more bold and confident colours try Cobalt Blue, Aubergine or Kelly green. To make your interior cosier, use warmer tones like Grounded Red, and don’t forget to add a metallic edge with decor items.

Credit: Pinterest

2. Forms

Art Deco will have a comeback in 2020 in the shape of furniture. Curved edges and dreamy colour such as pale pink or light grey will be in, besides, richer shades like emerald, teal, rust or black will also be trendy.

Credit: Pinterest

3. Materials In the field of materials, naturality will be in. Glass, wood and stone, especially marble can make your home effortlessly stylish. Either it’s a coffee table in the living room, a worktop in your kitchen, a small vase in the hallway or a whole wall, it will add impact to your interior. Additionally, investing in a piece of marble can add value to your home.

Credit: Pinterest

4. Fabrics In 2020, luxurious, richly textured fabric will be popular. Leather, velvet or suede, each will add an elegant edge to your home. The easiest way to add new style to your home is to buy a new rug or a blanket. Make your home fresh and also cosy.

Credit: Pinterest

5. Styles The eclectic interior style will have a comeback next year. In 2019, retro colours and interior elements were one of the most significant trends, but don’t be scared, you don’t have to say goodbye to your retro pieces. Eclectic design is all about mixing new and old, it’s defined by contrast and variety. You can also say goodbye to ‘fast furniture’ and be more sustainable: visit some local markets and hunt for vintage furniture!

Credit: Pinterest

The most important thing: don't feel pressured to redo your whole home. You can take one or two aspects, such as colour or fabric and create a sustainable look that fits perfectly to your personality.

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