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At #nu, what motivates us is making it easier for home buyers and sellers to achieve their goals. We want to remove the frustration felt by almost everyone involved in the current marketplace.

Until now, there have only really been two ways to sell a home, and both of them are limited…


Traditional estate agents have a solid local presence but tend to charge unjustifiably high commission fees because of huge local office costs and out-of-date business methods.


Then there are the new 'Online/ hybrid agents' who are much cheaper but have a poor local presence and don't employ actual sales agents. This means there's nobody to help get buyers through the door or give the personal guidance that sellers and buyers desperately need.


#nu takes the best of both existing models and leaves the rest behind – making life better for everyone. We combine great local agents, from the traditional model, with the cost and efficiency savings from a modern technology platform.



If you have a property or development you're looking to sell please give one of our team a call on:

020 7731 6841

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