#nu is excited to announce the launch of their town & country division where for the first time we are expanding our renowned luxury design and build services into counties such as Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire, Essex, Gloucestershire, Cambridgeshire & Buckinghamshire.

We are a keen supporter of traditional and modern construction methods, SIP's are a new technology for building better environmental and energy-efficient structures. They can also be erected faster than any other building method and produce a stronger structure than traditional buildings. Our Projects Director Will Nicol has completed several SIPs projects including the one on the presentation video below.  Download our SIPs brochure here.

What are SIP's

SIPs are a modern alternative to traditional timber-framed construction. They consist of two outer layers of Oriented Strand Board (OSB) sandwiched around an Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) core.

SIPs function as the structural element for property walls, roofs, and suspended floors.


Maximising air-tightness
Using Super-high insulation
Optimising solar gain through the provision of openings and shading
Optimising natural ventilation
Using the thermal mass of the building fabric
Using energy from occupants, electronic devices, cookers and so on

Whether it's a traditional look you're seeking - or a more contemporary style - an oak framed structure will enhance any property and add value to your home. 

We endeavour to always provide the best possible design solution. Sometimes depending on the complexity of the outdoor structure, we may need to integrate structural steelwork into the design. We offer a full in house fabrication service should the project demand.

#nu is not only focusing on beautiful designs but ensures all our work is sustainable, creating the well-being and lifestyle our clients insist on; a unique offering that provides every element of their business from project management, architecture, interior design, delivery & construction through to our first-class aftercare service.

With so many decisions to be made when building your own home, the build method and construction material you choose will ultimately shape your build outcome both for the short and long term. As well as looking at the obvious elements of aesthetics, construction costs and energy efficiency, equal prominence should also be given to design flexibility, speed of build and space efficiency. So, when you’re looking for a construction method to deliver all of the above, then you should look no further than SIPs.

If you would like some free professional advice on SIPs or traditional construction methods please call 020 7731 6841 or email