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#nare dedicated to appraising the viability of housing developments to assess affordable housing and other s106 contributions the development can support and negotiate s106 agreements with Local Authorities. 

Most new planning applications now require a viability assessment; we provide responsively and commercially focused service-producing viability appraisals and reports on supporting planning applications.

We have provided viability assessments on developments across the country, from single houses on garden sites to significant multi-phase residential and mixed-use developments. In numerous places, we have reduced and removed planning obligations to unviable stalled sites to come forward and contribute to housing delivery, negotiating directly with council’s, the District Valuer and other viability professionals.


#nu Land acquisition for new affordable housing projects

We directly acquire land for new affordable housing projects with our partner Registered Providers and developers/contractors. We also develop mixed tenure sites with elements of open market residential sale and commercial space. We are experienced in maximising the development potential of sites to generate the best possible values working with partner professionals. We can respond quickly and always recognise introduction fees.



#nu Development consultancy services

We provide delivery-focused development consultancy services for clients to help identify, investigate and deliver new projects. Our services include:

  • Focused land acquisition service to identify off-market land to meet client requirements

  • Prepare feasibility schemes, undertake market value research and financial appraisals to assist clients with making offers

  • Assist with due diligence investigation and preparation of technical files

  • Appointment and management of professional/technical consultant team and project management

  • We have set up and obtained registration for two ‘With Profits” Registered Providers

If you have a large construction project please call 020 7731 6841 or email

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