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Planning a Basement Conversion in London: What You Need to Know

Converting a basement can be costly and a time-consuming project. However, it provides amazing opportunities to maximise the space your London property has to offer. Here are 4 things you need to know before planning your basement conversion.

1. Planning Permission

Many projects can be carried out as permitted development where planning permission is not required. For instance, if your property benefits from a permitted development rights and already has a basement or a cellar. But in most cases, you will need planning permission for a basement extension; we advise you to speak with an architect for guidance.

2. Your Building Team

Planning a basement conversion is always a more complex project than kitchen extensions or loft conversions, and it requires the very best experts. The most important member of your basement conversion team is the architect, who will be responsible for appointing a structural engineer to carry out the necessary surveys. The architect will guide you and make sure your new basement is connected to the rest of the home in the best way possible and how to maximise natural light.

You also have to find a reliable team of builders who will carry out the construction part of your project. Therefore, we recommend looking for a design and build construction company that can help you with every stage of your project in house.

3. Timescale: How Long Does a Basement Conversion Take?

A basement conversion is a big commitment; it can last for a month or even up to a year. As with every home alteration project, a basement extension comes with some disruption, so informing the neighbours about your intentions before an official planning notification is important.

4. Budget: How Much Does a Basement Conversion Cost?

Basement conversions are costly, but they are worth the investment in the long run. The total budget will depend on the size of the extension and the quality of the fit-out.

If you are planning a basement conversion in West London, get in touch with our team for a quote on 020 7731 6841.


  1. You will probably need planning permission.

  2. You have to work with the very best experts.

  3. The project can last up to 12 months.

  4. The total cost will depend on the size and the quality.



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