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6 Factors to Consider for the Perfect London Patio

As it seems, summer has finally arrived in London, making people craving for the outdoors. If you live in a terraced, semi-detached or detached property you may consider redesigning your patio, maximising the look and comfort of your garden.

A patio is essentially a paved outdoor area on the rear side that usually adjoins the house. Even if your outdoor is a tiny strip of space, you can create something amazing out of it. Our design team gathered 6 main factors you have to consider before starting a patio project in London.

1. Ideas

Start with research. If you have a small garden, think more about functionality. Look for images on Pinterest and start gathering ideas. If you have a bigger space you can think about creating something for each season starting with an outdoor pool or a fire pit for colder weather.

Try making it personal; if you have an outdoor hobby, include it in the design!

2. Layout

When you start planning the layout of your patio positioning is paramount. First of all, think about privacy; you want to create a relaxing retreat hidden from unwanted eyes (especially from your neighbours') after all. If you have been living in your house for a while you must know where the sun sits in your garden in each part of the day. If you’ve moved in recently make notes on sun movement because it will be crucial when it comes to design!

Illustration: materials / Charlotte Rowe / /

3. Size

Size does matter when it comes to design. Whether you are planning a small space for relaxing or a grandiose garden for pool and BBQ parties, you have to measure everything for the best result. You have to ensure the furniture and other appliances fit the place perfectly, leaving enough space to walk around.

Illustrations: Chesney’s / Colin Poole / / Krakow Garden Desig, Photo by Marzenna Gaines

4. Design

When you start planning your patio keep in mind what you are going to use it for; whether for entertainment, sunbathing or gardening, keep that objective in mind. You need a design plan to ensure cohesion and also keep your budget on track.

If you have the room for a swimming pool we recommend installing a natural swimming pond instead, to create a unique country feeling in the heart of London!

Illustrations: Modular / / Tim Young, Charlie Young, Future PLC / Jane Brockbank

Whether you have a small or big space to design, creating zonal spaces are always a good idea. By adding split levels, you can create a garden with more volume and character. We recommend a combination of paving, walling and edging.

5. Materials

When it comes to picking materials, you have to consider two crucial factors; your personal taste and the style of your house. If your interior is modern, pick more contemporary paving like concrete or porcelain, while for a more traditional look pick natural stone or block paving.

Illustration: / Colin Poole / Polly Eltes / Harrington Porte

6. Budget

When starting a project around your home, you have to be aware of the budget upfront. You need to know the cost of materials, furniture and appliances to avoid overspend. More alteration can cause more potential mistakes which will cost you more money. We recommend signing up with a company that can help you with planning, design and construction. Nu Projects of Fulham works with professionals that can help you with every step of the landscaping process.



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