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6 Steps to Think Through Before a Home Renovation in London

Renovating your home has many advantages compared to buying a new one.

Some parts of your home will deteriorate over time. It can take up your time and energy to fix reoccurring problems; besides, you are jeopardising your health and safety.

On the other hand, if you plan to sell your property in the future, a renovation can significantly increase the property value.

Nonetheless, your home is your haven. You should feel comfortable and stress-free there.

So here are the 6 main steps you should think through before you start your London renovation!

1. Consider the Whys

Renovating your home is an appealing idea and goes through everyone’s mind from time to time. Before you start knocking down walls, you should think through the reasons why you want to redo your home.

Is the current layout no longer suitable for your family? Is your home looking rundown? Tired or outdated? Is your goal to make your home more energy efficient? More high-end?

When you are thinking through these questions, you should also decide whether you need a complete home renovation or you should focus on specific areas of your home.

Set your goals, and let’s get the project started!

2. Start Googling

When you have set the goals and have a clear picture of what types of work you want to get done in your home, start looking for similar projects and collecting pictures of interiors you like, and you can start creating mood boards on Pinterest.

We also recommend getting familiar with costs and the process of home renovation.

3. Contact the Experts

The first step is to look for local renovation companies, look at their portfolios, and review and testimonials. Then, think through the following questions: Do they offer the type of services you are looking after? Are you satisfied with their projects?