7 Best Interior Decorating Secrets from West London luxury interior designer, Natalie Fogelstrom

We love things beautiful, and that is why decorating a room or space in one’s place of business, work, or in our humble abode is indeed a rewarding experience. 

Here in Nu Koja, we love sharing some of our secrets, and besides, secrets are made to be known. We’ve listed some of these tips and tricks to help our amateur decorators design like a pro and finally create that fabulous and moving interior design. 

Make your interior spaces stand out with these interior decorating secrets 

1.   Big Art for Small Spaces

Much just like magic, interior design is about illusion. Add a large artwork in a small room, and you’ll make it seem larger than it is. A large visual interest cleverly placed in a tight space will draw the eyes to the focal point. Small pictures tend to chop up the space. 

"A large visual interest cleverly placed in a tight space will draw the eyes to the focal point."

It doesn’t need to be wall art, you can effectively create a centrepiece with any statement piece such as a large sculpture, accent furniture, or a feature wall with large, bold coloured patterned tiling on a neutral wall. 

2.   Powder Coat Your Metal Fixtures  Many may not realize but your plumbing fixtures in your kitchen and bathroom can add that bling into these interiors. With powder coating, you can either add a splash of colour onto your metal fixtures or leave it with a clear finish. Both powder coating options leave a lustrous look that’s aesthetically pleasing to any style or theme. 

"With powder coating, you can either add a splash of colour onto your metal fixtures or leave it with a clear finish."

Aside from adding charm into your interiors, it is also a practical finish that protects the fixtures from corrosion and of the day-to-day use.

3.   Fuse Opposing Themes

Nothing beats the excitement in seeing the tension of two opposing elements. Though in interior design its quite a tricky design approach that needs just the right balance to get that desired wow factor.  Brightly coloured striped ottoman chairs placed in a minimalist living room for instance, or a black and white vintage-themed room are just a few interesting matches. 

4.   Create a Sense of Grandeur 

For living rooms and other public spaces, making it look larger can evoke a sense of calmness and relaxed state. 

You can raise the height of the ceiling if possible, or use vertical lines to draw the eyes upwards. Placing hanging pendant lights can also add the verticality of a space especially in kitchen areas. 

For the walls, stick to one colour. Paint your skirting or mouldings with the same colour as your walls, with this you avoid the hues to being broken up creating a visual continuity. 

5.   Leave Some Blank Space 

The more décor you have the better may work when you want to go with a maximalist style. But even highly decorated spaces do need a breather which gives the eyes a place to rest and relax. If you love patterns, you can leave a part of the wall painted with white or pastel colours. 

6.   Layer Elements 

Layering is a great way to add dimension to your interiors. Layering your textures and lighting can make a room look cosy and more personalized. Though this technique requires a great deal of practice but a worthwhile skill to master.   7.   Personalize

Today’s Hotels and Airbnb showcase local craftsmanship and culture in their interiors, which really makes sense as travellers would love to know more about the place they’re visiting. Just like rented spaces, our homes should always have our personal touch, in this way you create a meaningful space. 

"Adding a personal touch can be as simple as adding cushions."

Adding a personal touch can be as simple as adding cushions and draperies on your sofa or as grand as having multiple tiers of collected artworks on display.  When it comes to personalizing your interior, it’s always about the smaller details that count.  Takeaway:  As it is an exciting endeavour, the art of mixing and matching the colours, textures, fabrics, furniture, and lighting together can also be challenging. Not all have that innate instinct to transform nothing into gorgeous interiors. That is where the fundamentals of design, guidelines, and inspirations come in.  

For your needs in luxury interior design in London, Nu Koja can help your personal space into the next level. Visit us or browse through the website to know more about the professional services we offer. 

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