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Home Gym Design Ideas for Busy Londoners by West London Interior Designer, Natalie Fogelstrom

In these times when more and more people are deciding to continue working from home and spending more time on improving the quality on their homes, we are getting more interest from clients allowing space for their basement refurb for a home gym.

A home gym can be a great convenience. However, coming up with the perfect home gym design to suit personal preferences can be a challenge.

The best home gym designs increase the chance of achieving maximum workout benefits while maintaining aesthetic properties with the rest of the house. But choosing the best gym setup can be a dauting. It is advisable to take time in planning before making a considerable investment in any design.

A few things to take into consideration;

  • Is the living space large enough to accommodate a well functional gym?

  • How can the gym space be designed to match the rest of the home décor?

  • How much equipment can fit in the space without cluttering the space?

  • If there is no access to natural light, is there adequate light?

  • Are there electrical requirements that need to be addressed?

  • What are the flooring options?

  • Is the design easy to maintain?

  • What colour scheme is the best?

  • Are there health and safety standards that need to be observed?

  • Is the design cost effective?

For a comfortable appealing home gym design, the location should allow for some natural light and ventilation. Creating an ideal interior design environment not only boosts energy but also impacts focus throughout the workout sessions.

Creating a home gym design that enhances your focus and staying motivated is a key aspect in designing a home gym. Factors such as the room colour, lighting, air quality, and air conditioning; as well as architectural factors like high ceilings and interior décor, have a potentially massive impact on workout routines.

Incorporating technology in your home gym layout has become increasingly popular and is found to be very effective in mood-setting; from sound to visual effects. However, this could prove to be a distraction at times and should be done within moderation. Intelligent design choices for this kind of environment in workout spaces ensure optimal benefits from training sessions and positively contribute to personal goal outcomes.

Before determining what flooring to install in your home gym, it is important to note that as much as you would require a flooring material that would cushion you in case you fall during a workout, the continuous wear and tear from heavy machinery and activities impacts durability. Choose flooring material that is stiff enough to sustain weights and simultaneously be safe; ideally, use non-slip surfaces like rubber.

The list goes on, but rest assured, at Koja Design we ensure you get a thorough and well-planned design perfected for your particular space and with NU projects experience and expertise we can help you realise your vision with all your desires for the most motivational and inspiring gym space which in turn will help you reach your fitness goals. Win-win!

Written by KOJA Design & NU Projects.

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