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Home Office Idea's By Natalie Fogelstrom Interior Designer West London.

By Natalie Fogelstrom

In these times of working from home, you might have felt you wish you had invested more in your home office, if you are lucky enough to have one.

Your home office can make or break your work day and productivity. Having a space that motivates and inspires you is literally a game changer.

Times are changing and the world as we know it might change for a long time, especially when it comes to work and how we conduct it. Even when these challenging times are over, people will have changed their perceptions and may well be making changes to their workdays even when things are “back to normal”. Reducing travelling times and spending a couple of days working from home. And wouldn’t it be lovely to have a place where you feel organised and truly kitted to ensure that it all runs smoothly.

Here are a few tips from our team at Koja Design and NU projects.

The importance of flow.

Make sure your desk, if possible, is facing a window or day light with a view to make you you feel energised and inspired. Your back should face a wall (for sense of security) and not a door. A spacious and organised desk always clean and tidy. Don’t forget good lighting and maybe a nice quote that inspires you that you see first thing of your work day. Make it fun, not to clinical, this can make all the difference to your day. For those of you who work well with music in the background, put on a playlist that motivates you and it also blocks out noise from whatever else is going home in the home and puts your focus right.

Finally, a top tip. Get dressed for the day, although no one can see you, getting dressed for work always increases your productivity. Get dressed and show up!

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