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HOW TO ADD VALUE TO YOUR PROPERTY: Loft conversion ideas by Nu Projects

Loft conversion is the process of transforming an empty attic space into a functional room. Loft conversions are highly popular in the UK especially in London where homes have limited space. Besides the extra living space, loft conversions have additional benefits: you can add extra value to your home. On an average, a loft convention adds 20% to the value of your property. By this mean, if you own a house valued £200,000, that’s an increase of up to £40,000.

If you decided to take action and increase the value of your property you have to consider: what is your home currently lacking?

If your family is expanding or you need an extra guest room for those overcrowded Christmas visits by relatives you may in a need of an extra bedroom.

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A home can’t have enough bathrooms so you may consider adding an extra bathroom. While showers require a minimum amount of headroom – which your home may be lacking – a freestanding bath fits perfectly even under a low ceiling.

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If your home is missing a dedicated, large lounge, turn your loft into a living room for a family gathering or movie nights.

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In the last years woking in home office has become more and more popular. You can convert your empty loft into a personalised workspace, just make sure it has enough lighting as a healthy work environment requires plenty of natural lights.

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If your closet is overflowed with clothes, consider turning your loft into a dressing room. You can have your own movie-like bespoke wardrobe where all your clothes and shoes have their own place.

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If your home has everything but you are looking to add value by converting the loft, you can still do it by adding something extra. If you are a bookworm you can have a dedicated spot for collecting and reading books or you can convert it to a gym.

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You can also fit out your loft to cool kids or teens hang out, they can have their own place to play or write homework.

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Either way, a loft conversion is a complicated process so it requires a specialist company to carry it out. Before you start the process, consult a specialist to determine if your loft is a fit for conversion. We at Nu Projects are dedicated to add exceptional value to your home. If you are thinking in loft conversion don't hesitate to contact us about your requirements, please call in at 020 7731 6841 or email

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