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The Importance of Adding Value to Your Home.

When it comes to your home, you want it to feel like your home, but have you thought about the future? You may know already that your home at the moment is just a transition home, or it might be your home for the rest of your life.

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Either way it is always good to know how to add value and to also follow through on adding value to your property, financially and cosmetically. It is always going to be more beneficial to have more space. Whether that is to build into the loft space, extend out the back of the property and create a side return or update your bathroom, it makes sense to do it not only for yourself but for future buyers to get the best price out of your property.

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Nu projects can help you. Offering a service not readily available in London, nu projects are a design and build company meaning we can offer everything from architectural drawings to project management and contractors to interior design. This makes it easier for you as the client not having to liaise between different parties with everything under one roof.

Builders based in Fulham, with work all around London, we know what will add maximum value to your property, specifying it individually to your budget and requirements.

Photo: nu projects

It is important to future proof your home and with certain moves the value of your property will rise because it is more appealing to the buyer. A newly tiled bathroom with new fittings will be a lot more appealing to multiple purchasers than a 1980s mustard yellow bath with cream fittings. If it is not your forever home or a home that you plan to spend decades in, then cosmetically styling it to suit the wider clientele is worth it so that when it comes to selling your property it appeals to more people.

If unable to afford a full house renovation, updating the bathroom, or repainting the property, or changing the cabinet worktop to be more in tune with the time is very very beneficial.

Increase the value of your home and you will feel the benefits when it comes to selling your home, as well as enjoy the space more when you live there.

Contact us today on 020 7731 6841 to get your free quote.

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