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Spruce Up Your Garden - It Is Easy

The weather has been warming up and the sun coming out, although this week it has not been showing that! However, getting your garden prepped and sorted for the summer should be a priority in order to get your home ready for those summer gatherings and BBQ’s.

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A garden should feel like a safe haven, a place to enjoy and relax. People have differing opinions on what their garden should be used for: wildlife, entertaining, seclusion, extra storage. Whether people want patio, grass, water features or flowers, a garden should feel like a smooth transition from the home. No one wants a dishevelled abandoned garden at the end of their property; it is then wasted space. Homes in London can feel rather small anyway, so why wouldn’t you extend that liveable space into the garden?

When getting back into using the garden, it may feel daunting after a winter of neglect, or possibly even longer. Gardeners and designers can offer very good advice and services if you want the easy route to get your garden into tip top shape and get something very individual and personal. Garden designers can create incredibly beautiful schemes fit for London homes, country homes or patio/ roof top spaces.

However, it is very possible to create an absolutely stunning garden without a designer and without being born with green fingers. Below are a few examples on how to spruce up your garden yourself.

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For individuals that prefer the low maintenance upkeep of a garden, there are many solutions. The main change that has been increasing in popularity over the last few years is artificial grass. Like anything, it doesn’t require ‘no’ maintenance, but only very very little. Looking incredibly real, and made so that water can pass through it, it is a great solution if you have dogs because it does not stain like real grass, as well as it not having the ability to be ripped up by dogs wanting to bury their bones. In addition, there is no need for a lawnmower which is great if your home lacks storage space.

Photo: FakeIt

Choosing artificial does not stop with grass. Fake plants are incredibly realistic looking, and when placing plants outside your door that require sunlight and water, yet are situated under a porch, a fake plant is perfect.


On the subject of plants, one has got to think about the maintenance that they must provide specific plants with. Some plants require water, others require shade and others sunlight. Think about the flowers and shrubs that you would like to place into your space. Flowers look beautiful once blossomed and bloomed, but they will then die away when out of season. If you can maintain this change of flower and upkeep with the changing seasons then that is great. If not, pick a plant that does not require much maintenance.

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Succulents, sedum, petunia, and yuccas all are great preferences for low maintenance plants. Bamboo is another plant that can be left entirely to its own devices in order to survive as well as attracting wildlife such as butterflies. However, it will grow like no-ones business in a matter of days, so do think about this and research your plant purchase before investing.


A new lick of paint can do miracles to a garden. Re-varnishing and re-staining your garden furniture to give it a new lease of life, really does do wonders to your space. If you have a fence or garden shed, painting it with a new lick of paint will make it look like a statement instead of an abandoned shed.


Another easy action to undertake is power-hosing the patio. Taking all the grime and stain off the top layer of your stone or tile really makes the space look brand new.

Photo: Aldgate Mirrors

If your garden space is small, it can make it feel dark, cold and uninviting. Paint the walls a bright white and add mirrors to have the light reflect off and make it more welcoming.

Photo: Pinterest

The final piece of advice is to add a seating area if you have the space. The summer is coming (hopefully) so bring the inside out and buy some garden sofas and cushions. Those late evenings when you can sit outside watching the sun go down with friends and a glass of rose are times to cherish.

Hopefully from this post you can see that updating your garden without hard landscaping is possible by yourself. Just by putting a little bit of effort in, you can really spruce up your space and make it an extension of your home.

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