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Kitchen Layouts for You

Photo: Magnolia Homes

Thought: you want a new kitchen. Your cabinetry is old, the paint marked, and worktops stained. While you may just be thinking of replacing the cabinetry, have you thought about creating a new layout that would work better for you and your space?

There are many different kitchen layouts with benefits and disadvantages, but it all comes down to the size and shape of your kitchen room. Below, are practical, fun and very cool examples that you should consider.

Photo: Herringbone Kitchens

Photo: House Beautiful

The Galley Kitchen

Name derived from traditional ship kitchenettes, the shape of this kitchen is perfect for long narrow spaces. If your house has not been extended, and you like keeping your kitchen and dining separate, then this style is very much suited to small rooms only used for the cooking and not eating. Lower cabinetry is placed on either side creating a corridor-like space. Keep upper head cabinetry to a minimum or use open shelf units for more storage to keep the space as open as possible. Don’t be scared to go dark with the cabinets because of the small space. Go light on the walls and countertops with a patterned backsplash and your room will be full of personality and zing.

Photo: DeVol Kitchens

L-Shaped Kitchen

L-shaped kitchen are very popular for houses that have been extended out the back, including or not including a side return extension. Countertops run along two walls. This can either be the back wall and side, or the side wall and then a kitchen breakfast bar on the open end. In addition, an island can be placed in the middle of the floor which is great for home owners who love to host. Islands provide that extra space for food preparation, storage and a breakfast bar if wanted. When looking at cabinets don’t forget the little details such as handles, and the inside of drawers and doors. You need your kitchen to be practical and functional on the inside as well as suave and have the wow-factor on the outside. Handles come in many different styles, shapes, colours and finishes, the list is endless but also so exciting to make your kitchen your own.

Photo: DeVol Kitchens

U-Shaped Kitchen

If your room is square in shape and small, a u-shaped kitchen can be really useful for keeping the kitchen in its own area but still open and hold the ability to communicate with guests on the other side. Bring in colours from the other areas in your home such as your dining area to create a cohesive space that doesn’t feel so separate and boxed in.

Photo: Neil Norton Design

When thinking about the placing of appliances, a lot of kitchen specialists will use the ‘working triangle’ layout. There is a reason for this that is fully justified. You want to be able to work in the kitchen seamlessly, moving around and completing tasks in a seamless manner. The three main appliances are fridge, sink/dishwasher and oven/hob. If each of these are in easy reach of each other, it makes food preparation, storage, cooking and cleaning up efficient and easy to do. Placed like a triangle in correlation with each other, you can move from one appliance to the next and back simply. Obviously there are exceptions but a lot of kitchens follow this structure.

Photo: Shaker Kitchen Company

Your kitchen specialist will aid you with everything from shape to functionality and finishes. Kitchen functionality is key. It is where the socialising and main tasks of family living are undertook: cooking, homework, cleaning, eating. However, that is why it should also be one of the best rooms in your house, so make it personal and a space you enjoy being in.

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