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Solve Those Frosty Toes – Heating Solutions for Your Home

Winter. Is. Here. In one week, the temperature has dropped, Halloween is over, and it won’t be long till the Christmas adverts start appearing on the telly. With the plunge in temperature, your thermostats might start being cranked up, your fires turned on, and woolly socks making their debut.

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However, is your home efficiently keeping the heat in and cold out? With many of the terraced houses in London built in the Victorian era, some renovations may need to be considered to make your home as energy efficient as possible and set you and your family up for the winter months and years to come.

Terraced homes work well for keeping heat in on the sides of your property. But, sash windows and gloriously huge loft spaces, as beautiful as they are, do not help heat sustainability. There are many solutions however.

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Heat rises, and as Independent Living states, 25% of generated heat can be lost through your roof if it isn’t insulated properly. With nu:projects having installed many loft conversions; a lot of people don’t realise that their roof needs re-slating and nailing. Even the tiniest crack is a portal for heat escaping so it is worth having your roof checked.

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If your roof is in tip top condition, maybe think about reinsulating. Materials have updated with time, becoming both environmentally friendly and a lot more effective. Wood wool, sheep wool and recycled paper and plastic fibres are all now used. nu:projects’ contractors will indicate which material is best suited for your home.

Heat can also escape through the gaps between your window frame and glass. Place your hand at different places around your window and see if you feel a slight draft coming in. Window sealing can decrease in effectiveness with age, wear and tear allowing hot air to escape. Draught proofing strips are an excellent answer. Coming in plastic, they are incredibly cheap and work wonders. However, if you want more year uses, metal draught proofing strips are the way to go!