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Kitchens Get the Growth Spurt

With more people deciding to stay put instead of buy elsewhere in London, people are looking for innovative ways to maximise their property’s space. One solution, and a project that is most prominent for nu:projects, as Fulham builders, is the addition of a side return extension.

In South West and East London, the majority of residential properties in the area are terraced. Built in the Victorian era, the original floor plan of the ground floor consists of a front drawing room, a separate dining room, and separate kitchenette. This layout, to today’s modern homeowner, is not practical. People prefer an open planned, spacious living experience; a more sociable layout.

A side return extension means expanding the property wall at the back of the house into the alleyway at the side of the property. The majority of period properties have this alleyway which, unless you need extra outdoor storage, is seen as wasted space. Expanding into this area and pushing the kitchen wall out to the party wall creates a more valuable square footage. Some homeowners take the full plunge combining a side return extension with a rear extension, titled ‘doing the wrap around’.

nu:projects have constructed multiple side return extensions, producing beautiful open planned living spaces for clients. With this added space, a dining table can be incorporated into the room, a kitchen island too, and even a social seating area. Home-owners can socialise and host at the same time, nu:projects seeing it as a simple but highly effective home renovation move.

Photo Credits: platform5architects

Builders and interior designers are very aware of maximising space in small London home renovations, especially when it comes to opening up the kitchen. It doesn’t stop with adding a side return extension. There are additional niche ways of making hidden, and often forgotten spaces practical.

As IdealHome has pointed out, it is all about maximising storage space. Use that hidden alcove above the fridge to store that wedding cutlery. Add multifunctional furniture like a slim-line island, to store your baking utensils while preparing a Sunday roast.

Photo Credits: proverbs3girl

Floating shelves are a fabulous way to use your shelving as display units. Taking up less space, they make the room appear bigger. Be aware though, if you aren’t OCD about your presentation of bowls and plates, this may look a bit messy!

Photo Credits: Magnolia Homes

You may think your kitchen is too small, even with an added extension. However, key design choices and a touch of creativity can make your kitchen have that wow factor.

The rendition of a banquet table is back in fashion for 2018. Incorporating a bench into your kitchen seating is a highly effective way of increasing numbers at dinner parties, and when done right, adds an eclectic flair to your hosting space.

Photo Credits: HomeandGarden

Make your kitchen personal. For many people, the hardest room to add individuality to, and a touch of artistry, is the kitchen. Yes, it is a functional room, but it deserves to be a showcase too. Even with little space, personality can be added as have pointed out: Keen gardener? Add a walled herb garden. List addict? Use chalkboard paint on the back of your door. A colour fanatic? Add a mosaic backsplash for some beautiful artistry and colour – this can really add some personality and cosiness to your little kitchen.

Photo Credits: Decoist

Although a side extension involves costs, the value added is unquestionable. In Fulham, Chelsea and Sheen, nu:projects are giving kitchens their well-needed growth spurts. Yours could be next.

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