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What does a quantity surveyor do

A quantity surveyor is an expert in the art of costing a building project at all its stages.

Surveyors are highly trained professionals offering expert advice on construction costs. They are essential for life cycle of the project, cost planning, procurement and tendering, contract administration and project management. A quantity surveyor may be a specialist in one area or generalise several throughout a project. They may also specialise in a particular area such as residential or retail. Surveyors must pass an assessment of professional competence to become a member of RICS and chartered surveyor.

Working on the new builds, basements, & extensions, quantity surveyors must have strong financial, analytical, interpretative and teamwork skills. Clients & contractors rely on their judgment to ensure the smooth running of any project and provide value for money.  Quantity surveyors are also essential for renovations or remodelling projects regarding contracts, programs, costing, valuations, variations and extensions of time.

Before a construction project starts, a quantity surveyor will study drawings and specifications about a new building, usually provided by architects or engineers. He/she can calculate the quantities of materials for the build and accurate labour rates.

Quantity surveyors rely on various technical measurement tools to come to accurate costs. They will also thoroughly understand building regulations to adhere to them and ensure that the project passes building control. Then, during the build, they keep a constant check on costs.

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