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Having your new home designed specifically to your taste and cost less than you would expect sounds challenging to achieve. We achieve this by specialising in sourcing “fixer-uppers” on behalf of our clients and then designing them to their taste and budget. Having purchased and designed our own properties, we now are happy to share that knowledge and experience for clients to enjoy.

Reduced stamp duty

By sourcing unmodernised properties at a lower price, we are able to reduce stamp duty charges upon purchase. Savings on stamp duty can then be put towards refurbishing your property to the highest standard.

Feasibility assessment 

You can expect complete transparency regarding plans, proposed layouts, construction, budgets and professional fees. We cover up to five feasibility assessments, including proposed plans, high-level costs and the anticipated time frame. This is included within the cost of the retainer.

Purchase negotiation

Since we have purchased over 20 properties ourselves, we know the market and are used to negotiating the best terms.


Holistic approach 

Finding, buying and developing a property is an extensive process, but our all-encompassing approach makes it much simpler. We have three services that we provide for you: we can find, design and develop the property, so we will be your sole point of contact throughout. This streamlined process means the project can be stress-free.


Timeless understated design

#nu design has a renowned reputation for turning the negative into the positive, by bringing light back into old homes. Space planning is ingrained in our interior design philosophy. We call this ‘Volumetric Design’: Maximizing the light that flows through the home at every opportunity.


Unique service

Utilising our extensive network of property owners and on & off-market agents, we carefully select properties with substantial development potential. This local expertise proves particularly helpful for foreign buyers and investors. We look not only for value at purchase, but also to increase the property value. Our aim is to make the total cost of the property and development 10% less than its market value.


Initial site funding

Once #nu has assisted you in finding the perfect unmodernised property, NU will be delighted to work with you on exploring the most suitable financing options to ensure your purchase completes efficiently.

Self-build and refurbishment funding

#nu works with a panel of lenders, including development finance lenders who understand the complexities involved with financing a project. Whether your plan is to refurbish the property, or completely start again with the site, our brokers can guide you through the process, ensuring you are equipped with the most appropriate finance at every stage.


Throughout the development process, there will be a number of variables that could impact your cash flow – for example, contractors requiring payment before you have the funds to service the invoice might leave you out of pocket. #nu can help with all aspects of finance, including invoice financing, so you retain your liquidity during the build.

Development exit finance

Once the refurbishment or build is complete, we will ensure you are re-mortgaged onto a mainstream mortgage, appropriate for the end-use of the property. Whether you require short-term funding while you wait to sell, or a residential mortgage, we have expert brokers who can help.

Maximising alternative assets for liquidity

We have the experience and expertise to take a holistic view of your portfolio of assets to guide you on whether releasing equity elsewhere could free up liquidity to aid your project and cash flow.

Protecting your project

Not only can #nu secure the finance for your project, we can also ensure it is protected both throughout the build and on completion, providing suitable insurance for its intended use. We can source developers’ insurance, specialised renovations insurance, and buildings insurance on completion.

Nu Capital investments

Search criteria & fees

As this is a bespoke service, the search criteria, size and scope of our projects can vary considerably. Our fees are therefore determined on a case by case basis. Full price transparency will always be provided before costs are incurred. Reduced fees will also apply to clients utilising both our sourcing and design services.

If you are on the lookout for a new property in London & would like more information on our search services please call 020 7731 6841 or email

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