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Property maintenance services 

Painting & decorating 

Preparation work is essential for a good quality finish. The lifespan of any painting job is prolonged if each coat of paint is applied to a clean, dry and stable base. You can rely on our painter decorators to remove all existing loose, cracked, peeling or bubbling paint. They’ll fill cracks and indents, repair holes and replace rotten woodwork using superior quality, trade-rated materials. Sanding between coats of paint helps to create the best possible surface for the paint to adhere to and provides the highest quality finish. You’ll be left with a finished job you’ll be proud of for years.



Need a plumber? We’re here 24/7. We cover emergencies, plumbing repairs, planned installations and surveys, and domestic and commercial. We have a team of plumbers, all fully trade-accredited and vetted. Whether it’s taps, showers, sinks, toilets… you can expect professional expertise, efficient service and total peace of mind


If you need an electrician, you can rely on us. Our electricians are fully qualified, and on-call 24/7 for domestic and commercial work and carry out electrical repairs, safety inspections and testing, minor works, new installations and rewiring.


We have qualified roofers in London, fully accredited and on-call seven days a week. We work with all types of roof covering. Whether it’s flat or pitched roofs, chimneys, skylights or gutters, we can help. We take on all jobs from minor repairs to inspections & roof replacements.


We have experts ready to help with any type of drainage problem. Our drainage engineers are specially equipped to investigate, locate and clear both internal and external blockages. They can also carry out small-scale repairs to damaged underground drainage pipes using no-dig methods, as well as large-scale excavated repairs.

Leak Investigation

We take the stress out of fixing concealed or hard-to-find leaks and source or water ingress. Equipped with the latest, non-invasive detection methods, our trade experts can accurately locate leaks before exposing and stopping them and then quoting for full reinstatement. We can also help with insurance claim handling.


Whether you need a gas safety certificate, boiler service, immediate repairs to a broken boiler, or you need a new boiler or radiators installed, we have Gas Safe registered engineers ready to help. Our tradespeople will clearly explain any issues they find and are happy to share their knowledge to help you avoid problems in the future.


We have a handyman ready whenever you need them. We’re always happy to answer your questions and offer expert advice and recommendations. Whether it’s mounting a large flat-screen TV on a wall, hanging a new set of shelves, repairing damage to walls, or simply realigning your kitchen cupboard doors, we have a handyman ready to help wherever you are in London. Our handyman services can be booked in half-hour increments, with a minimum of 1 hour. If you’re unsure of whether you need a handyman or another skilled tradesperson, simply call us; we’re happy to advise on the service that’s best for you.


For more information on our client aftercare services please call 020 77316841 or email