How Do I Improve My Sleep? Let Nu Projects Help You.

We all know how important a good night’s sleep is. With the day to day hustle and bustle of London, when you finally get into bed you want to drift off seamlessly into a deep sleep, not awaking till the morning to the chirping of the early morning bird. Now we all know that this in most cases does not seem to be the reality. Crying children, wailing sirens, hungry dogs, on top of daily work-life stress that you would prefer to place in a box and diminish for at least 8 hours of the day. We have all been there. Photo: ScandinavianHome Your bedroom set up can really affect this, and therefore it is important to have a bedroom that you feel entirely rested and relaxed in. As a construction com

Front Doors! Say Hello To The World

The front door. The entrance to your home. The threshold between inside and out. The place where guests are first greeted, and visitors first get an impression of the person on the other side. The front door does a lot, even if you don’t realise it, it makes a statement about you and your home. Photo: A colour is not the only thing that can be changed on a front door. The door knob, handle, even number template can all create a differing impression to your guest. There are many articles out there stating what colour and finish would look good on a front door depending on the period of the property, or what it is finished in; brick, wood, concrete, pebbledash. How

Nu Projects Are Hiring

Nu projects is known for successfully managing and creating clients dream home. Combining a thriving design department with a busy building team, we pride ourselves on creating what the client desires, keeping to budget, brief and schedule. The team work incredibly hard to ensure we are fulfilling our clients dream, both in the office based in Fulham as well as on site making it as stress-free and simple for the client. With work constructed throughout London and its surrounding areas, nu:projects boast a large library of completed and ongoing projects. Working on a wide variety of projects from refurbishments and renovations to basements, extensions and loft conversions we are able to ta

Palazzo Morelli, The Name You Should Remember - Nu Projects collaborates.

"Creating products for professionals and private clients to help them close the gap between the desire that they hold and the ability to make it happen. From dreams to reality." Photo: Massimo Locci The phrase that Palazzo Morelli use to describe their company. Specialising in high quality finishes for residential and commercial projects, Palazzo Morelli provide beautiful custom-made surfaces, specially handcrafted with bespoke joinery and exclusive details. The focus is on excellence in turnkey projects, in both technicality and style. Palazzo Morelli’s ambition, and what they are succeeding in, is to bring the traditional hand-craftsmanship back into hard surfaces letting artistry thrive

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