Your Chimneypiece - A Blessing or Havoc?

In the majority of London properties, fireplaces are a feature in the home. Placed in the front, where the living room is situated and also above on the first floor, normally where a bedroom is placed, the fireplace is a feature. Photo: Pinterest: roomerve Looking charming on display, lots of fireplaces have been boxed up to stop drafts coming into the home. I think it is lovely when the fireplace and mantle is still on display adding some period features to the property. Whether boxed up or not, a fireplace creates an indent in the room due to the chimney running up the wall to the roof. The spaces on either side of the chimney piece can be, for some, rather problematic to come up with

Investing in London Property - Nu Projects

This week’s blog post is a little different to what we normally post involving some exciting news that we are now able to publish. We have been working together with Chinese investors who wish to invest in London property. Right now it is the perfect time to invest in the British property market. The word Brexit is a word that people are getting so tired of and it is causing un-certainty in many aspects including property – buying, selling and developing. For investors, it is the time to purchase property in the United Kingdom. People who want to sell are struggling because no one is buying. For this reason property prices are a lot lower than usual for the London property market. For in

Real or Fake - What is best - Interior Decorating

A problematic decision for home-developers is, do I choose the “real-deal” material or go for something fake, a replica, in a more inexpensive material? In the past, going back ten years, the real material was always the best. Replicas looked fake, felt cheap and did not hold any correlation to the desired material. Nowadays however, replicas of certain materials are so good a copy of the real deal that spotting the difference in some cases is close to impossible. Photo: Domus This article will try and make you decide what to choose when developing your home. When going fake, the benefits begin with the cost. Going fake, the price can be a fraction of what you decide to pay if you were to

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