My top 8 ways to add value to your home.

From extensions to basements, tips on how to set your house apart from all the others. Examples based on an average house in Fulham at £1000sqf All prices exclude VAT at 20% 1 Building a loft conversion The easiest way to get an extra bedroom and bathroom. Not particularly disruptive, either, as most of the work can be done from outside. The key thing is to make sure access to the loft is easy and that the conversion fits the rest of the house, rather than looking grafted on. You will have to strengthen the floor joists, which will raise the floor level, so make sure you leave yourself with sufficient ceiling height to stand up in. Spend £50,000-£60,000 on a loft conversion creating 400sqf a

Pro's and con's of building a basement

Its often said that property is the greatest investment of all, not only can you live in it but over a period it nearly always increases in value and when its time to sell the amount that can be achieved can make the original purchase price seem and poultry sum. We have seen this in such dramatic terms over the last few years However what is actually happening (at the time of going to print) though in the housing market across some of the most desirable areas in London is that house prices are stagnating or in some areas falling so more and more smart home owners are holding on to the existing residence and improving the property they have not only to add long term value to the property bu

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